How efficient are your solar panels?

It is not something that the average person thinks about on a day to day basis or even something you would notice, but as your solar panels are out in the elements, they will collect dust and dirt.  This dust and dirt doesn’t always wash away with rain, it is often ‘stuck’ to the solar panels.

As the dirt and dust builds up, it will slowly, over time decrease the efficiency of your solar panels to convert solar into electricity for your property.

There is an easy solve and that is to simply clean your solar panels.

Now a word of warning.  This is not a DIY job because firstly, being on the roof with a lot of water is extremely dangerous and without the right safety gear, it is so easy to slip and fall – onto the roof or off the roof.  The second thing to note is that there is a way to clean solar panels so that you don’t damage them.  Using chemicals or harsh scrubbing brushes could damage your solar panels beyond repair which would be a very expensive mistake.

You’d actually be surprised at just how dirty solar panels can get and how much this can reduce their effectiveness, so if you haven’t had your solar panels cleaned in a while (or ever) then give us a call for a free quote and let’s get those solar panels producing maximum energy output for you and your property.

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