Exciting News… Gutter-Vac named Wet & Forget Stockists

We are pleased to let you know that not only are we now fully restocked with all of our products (including Gutter-Flow), Gutter-Vac has been named a stockist for Wet & Forget which is perfect for mould and lichen removal. 

Mould and lichen is not only unsightly, it can also potentially be harmful to your property and if on surfaces where there is ‘foot traffic’, it can also be a major slip hazard.

At Gutter-Vac we use a number of different products to maintain your home and one of the products we like to use is Wet & Forget.  Becoming a stockist for the product now means the Gutter-Vac franchisees have access to the product in large concentrated quantities so can carry out any work – large or small.  Click here to request a quote.

Gutter-Flow is now fully restocked so if you have been considering a gutter guard, we highly recommend Gutter-Flow.  There is a reason for this…. Even if you have a gutter guard, your gutters will still need to be cleaned.  Maybe less frequently, but they will still need to be cleaned because dirt, seeds, mud and sludge will continue to build up under a gutter guard. 

This is why we use Gutter-Flow because not only does it keep the large leafy matter out of your gutters, but it also allows water flow PLUS it is easy to remove, clean the gutters and then replace to continue guarding your gutters without any damage to your gutters.  Not sure if Gutter-Flow is right for you or not?  Click here to request a quote and to discuss with your local Gutter-Vac franchisee.


Gutter-Vac uses and recommends Miss Muffet’s Revenge which is a great spider repellent product as it helps guard your home from creepy crawlies.  Spiders are good for the environment to help control unwanted insects, however we don’t always want them in or around our homes.  The way Miss Muffet’s Revenge works is by creating an impassable barrier to stop spiders in their tracks! Click here to request a quote and to discuss with your local Gutter-Vac franchisee.

In 2021, we are going to be delivering more valuable products to all franchisees to be able to help you maintain your property further. 

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