Don’t risk a fall cleaning your gutters.

Working at heights is something that should not be tried if you are not full trained, with the right equipment and fully insured.  Your life is worth more to you than thinking that it is easy to jump up onto a roof, even a flat, single story roof can be a dangerous situation.

Did you know that most ‘roof falls’ area actually of the ladder, not the roof itself.  It may be whilst climbing up or down the ladder, whilst getting on or off the ladder at the roof line or simply that the ladder is not secured or on a good stable working surface.  So much can go wrong and you only have to look to the press to see so many incidents where regular people have fallen from a ladder and had serious injuries – including head and back injuries – that have changed the course of their life forever!

When we are cleaning your gutters, we do so in a safe method.  We are fully trained to work at heights with an RTO accredited certificate.  We use specialised safety equipment that allows us to work on any roof.  We are fully insured.  We do a risk assessment on every job.  We are trained in safe ladder techniques (yes this is a thing!).  We have specialised equipment to secure ladders to a property.  And… we know our limits when it is time to bring in an elevated work platform or to simply do the job from the ground with our ground worker’s kit. 

So don’t risk a fall, give us a call…. What is your health and life really worth to you?

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