Can you see through your windows?

Windows are one of those things that sometimes you simply don’t notice that they have become dirty.  Ask anyone that wears glasses and they will tell you that they don’t even notice their glasses have finger prints all over them until they take them off to clean.

Our windows are now different.  They can have a slow build-up of dirt and grime on them over time as they are exposed to the elements. 

Many people believe that windows will be ‘washed clean’ by the rain, but this is the same as your windscreen on your car.  The rain gets the windscreen wet, but it is the wipers that clean the window.

Cleaning windows can be a pretty big – and boring – task if you take it on to clean your own windows and on some properties, windows can be out of reach or simply not safe to access via a ladder to clean.

That’s where we can help….

We know all the tricks to the trade to get a window clean – without leaving big streak marks – and you might just be surprised at how dirty your windows really were before we began.

At Gutter-Vac we are often asked by customers to clean hard to reach windows, especially whilst we are already on the roof so we can offer this service as well as cleaning all of those easier to reach windows for you. 

Why put it on your already never ending to do list when we can do it for you?

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