Great to receive a testimonial from our Port Macquarie Customer

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Great to receive a testimonial from our Port Macquarie Customer

Excellent service! Thorough job of cleaning, soil, moss and build up in the gutters were vacuumed into a drum in his trailer. Nothing down the down pipes or into my water tank.

This man obviously enjoys his work and has satisfaction from doing his job well. His competition must find him hard to beat. Reasonable price charged too.

I also found him to be polite, cheerful with a ready smile, good to do business with.

– David

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The Benefits of Gutter Cleaning

At Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie we pride ourselves on doing exceptional gutter cleaning.  We thought you might enjoy seeing what the specialised Gutter-Vac equipment can do and how clean we get gutters.  It is very hard for our customers to see the results – as they are on the roof – so with every gutter clean, we take before and after photos to show what we have done.

Here are some photos of some before and after photos showing the results Gutter-Vac can attain for your home or commercial building

Two years on and the hard work begins

Rob McCabe first enquired about the availability of a Gutter-Vac franchise in Port Macquarie over two years ago.

After 25 years working in mines and quarries, only the most ideal and exciting opportunity was ever likely to spark his interest.

Ultimately it was the promise of a better work/life balance that tipped the scales for the former Quality, Safety and Environmental Manager.

‘Mind you’ Rob says, ‘I reckon I will be working longer and harder than I ever have. But at least this time it will all be for my own and my family’s benefit.’

It may have taken him a while to come on board, but Rob is confident that he has made a very sound and mature decision.

Rob can be contacted on 1300 654 253 or