Why vacuum clean gutters?

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Why vacuum clean gutters?

It might not seem obvious, but hand cleaning just simply just gets the top off the items in your gutters.  What is left behind are the materials that are causing the damage.  You could actually leave the leaves behind because they aren’t the problem.  The problem is the mud and sludge that is underneath the leaves and it is this mud and sludge that normally left behind when the gutters are cleaned by hand.

There is only one other way to get that sludge out and that is to blow it out using a pressure blower, but you end up blowing it up under the house, you blow it out on the gutters and also down on the house, windows and everywhere else so then you have to go and clean all of that up.

Of course, the only other way is to vacuum it.  If you vacuum it, you remove it.  The leaves that are up there are not the big problem.  The soft fresh leaves that have recently fallen on the roof.  Blow them off because it is what is in the bottom of the gutter that is the problem.

Hand cleaning is a waste of time.

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