10 Important Things To Consider Before Hiring A Gutter Cleaning Service

Calling the first gutter cleaning service you came across has probably landed you in trouble more than once. If you’re done appointing random providers for the task, we can help you find the right one.

Consider these 10 factors before you hire a gutter cleaning service, and you’ll never go for the wrong provider again.

  1. Do They Have Enough Experience?

Hiring a new company with 2 to 3 years of experience is not a risk to take when your gutter is involved. This is a job for someone who has been working in the industry for a decade or more. 

The same applies to the professionals working under these cleaning services providers.

  1. What Work Do They Specialize In?

A company that only works to clean gutters might be of little help and the quality of their work may be questionable. In contrast, a cleaning service that works with manholes, flooded basements, chimneys, and stormwater sumps is more reliable.

Besides, you won’t have to hire a different company for each service and end up paying a higher fee too.

  1. Do They Come With Insurance?

You may think you’re immune to any injury or damage if you hire a professional gutter cleaning service. Yet, that’s not the case.

You must also ensure the gutter cleaning experts you hire carry insurances for public and product liability. Public liability insurance will cover any physical injury or damage to property during the cleaning while product liability will cover damage and injury from the products used and supplied.

  1. What Guarantee Do They Provide?

You may not understand much about the service even when the cleaning provider is ready to explain their work to you. That’s one reason why looking at a guarantee might prove to be helpful—it will tell you what to expect from your service.

  1. What Is Their Customer Service Like?

The best cleaning providers will offer to explain their services and packages in detail. It helps the customers understand the work they should expect once they’ve hired the company.

  1. Where Are They Located?

A cleaning company that’s located far away might offer their services in your region, but the transport charges will be high. Why not go for a provider located nearest to you instead?

  1. What Do the Reviews Say About Their Services?

If the cleaning provider is located in the same region, then it is quite likely they’ve worked with your neighboring community.

Talk to the locals and try to see if anyone has positive reviews about the gutter cleaning service provider you’re considering.

If you can’t find anything conclusive, try online reviews or business listings.

  1. What Are Their Prices?

Most gutter cleaning companies will offer you a free quote on request. Use this service to get a rough estimate of the best deals. However, ensure you don’t fall for the cheapest deal, as these companies are often no good.

  1. What Methods And Tools Do They Use?

Most cleaning service providers work with industry-standard methods, but some use their own tools. While it isn’t possible to research how tools work, you should check if they comply with industry standards at least.

  1. What Safety Precautions Do They Take?

The cleaning service must work in compliance with the state and national safety standards. The professionals working with them must also be aware and informed about the dangers of working with gutters.

Gutter-Vac covers these and more factors in our services. Above all of this, we also provide customers with a free gutter report and evaluation outlining a preventive maintenance plan.

Contact us today to learn how efficiently we work to clean your gutters!

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