What’s the Correlation Between Your Health and Cleaning Your Gutter?

Gutters play a significant role in keeping your surroundings clean. But how do you keep the gutters clean? Gutters, if left unattended, can get clogged with dirt and debris. This can lead to a host of problems for your house and your health. Don’t believe us? Keep reading to know how a dirty gutter can impact your health.

Risks and Dangers of a Dirty Gutter

Skin and Breathing Issues
It doesn’t take long for mould to start growing in your gutter. The dirtier it is, the better environment it provides for mould to grow.

If you keep avoiding getting your gutter cleaned, there’s bound to be clogging. And if the resulting unclean water leaks into your walls, there is no escaping health problems. From skin allergies and infections to breathing issues, you’ll be subject to a whole host of problems you could have avoided.

Recovering from an illness or cold while living in such an environment becomes difficult too. If you have toddlers or aged parents living with you, getting the gutters cleaned regularly is non-negotiable.

Foundation Damage
Have you heard of roofs, walls, and doors collapsing suddenly because of water damage? That’s what you risk when you don’t clean your gutter. Clogged debris increases the danger of water overflowing and leaking into your walls and onto your roof.

Not only do leakages allow mould to grow inside the walls but they also weaken the foundation of your house. Left untreated, the water keeps leaking through the cracks and enters the rest of your property. Your gutter could also break from the weight of the debris accumulated on it. They could decay, rust, fall, or cause damage to the outer walls of your house. Worst case scenario? There’s someone near the gutter when it falls.

Mosquitoes, Rodents, and the Wild
The debris that gets stuck in your gutter is not the only nuisance you’ll be dealing with. Dirt and debris are bound to attract not just mosquitos but also other pests. These are often those that eat through the wood and don’t show themselves until it’s too late. If getting rid of them seems impossible, that’s because your walls allow moisture to help the pests to breed repeatedly.

Clogged gutters are also the perfect spots for rodents, birds, and bugs when they’re out searching for a home. While a bug might not be that big of a problem yet, it could attract wild animals from the surrounding areas. Don’t let them make your backyard their hunting ground. Get your gutters cleaned today.

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