What Does Gutter Cleaning Mean to All the Hobart Real Estates and Property Managers?

Stacey at Roberts Real Estate Hobart says, “Fantastic!”

The Woods Body Corporate of Hobart says, “Gutter-vac provides an excellent service and does a great job.”

Before you let a tenant get on the roof you should watch this video. You could be responsible if they have a fall.

Tenants on the Roof – Gutter-Vac

Did you know that a landlord needs to have all the legal requirements of a qualified contractor to be able to do gutter cleaning from the roof on his tenanted property?

The landlord/owner decides to clean their own gutters

Do you know the requirements of principal contractors?

Example of Principal Contractor

Do you know that you, the real estate or property manager, are the principal contractor if the tenant decides to clean the gutters themselves?

The owner tells the real estate agent that the tenant is responsible to clean the gutters

Why not cover yourselves? Always contract a professional company with all the required credentials.

The Real Estate organises for the gutters to be cleaned on a rental property

After hearing all that information, it seems like good advice to hire professionals, who are qualified to do the work, have insurances and an ABN. Gutter-Vac Tasmania take their role seriously and provide the very best service, safely and professionally.

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