Gutter-Vac Brisbane South-East, REMOVES trees in high places.

Being a gutter cleaning expert, yeah, we’ve got that covered. Any type of gutter that needs a clean, we can easily do at Gutter-Vac Brisbane South East. We’re the best gutter cleaning service there is.

Sometimes the only indication that a gutter needs a clean is when a tree is seen to be growing out of the gutter. That’s when you know that, ‘it’s been a while.’

Pulling out the tree can free up all the blockages and then we can clean the gutters out perfectly. Trees can be seen elsewhere too, take a look at this fig tree growing out the side of a wall in Holland Park. It wouldn’t take long for that to ruin a structure. But that is something we can take care of. We have the ladders and the initiative – it took only three and a half minutes to pull it all out, and now the wall won’t eventually crack as the roots grow. We were happy, the body corporate was happy, a big win win for everyone, even the tree got re-planted. Imagine the poor tree, all the other trees around are growing out of the nutrition rich earth, while this one drew the short straw, and has to make do growing out of a wall crack. Outrage!

Just another service we provide on top of being Brisbane’s best gutter cleaners.

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