A big thank you to all of our very patient customers, caring friends and supportive colleagues.

As some of you may know, June was a pretty aweful month for us at Gutter-Vac Cairns, and not just because it’s end of financial year, but because someone decided that they needed our business more than we did. Literally.

Whilst gutter cleaning and pressure washing in Atherton and Mareeba a few weeks ago, someone has unhooked our Gutter Vac trailer from the back of our 4WD and popped it onto their own car and driven away. Yes our trailer and all of our gutter vacuuming and pressure washing equipment was stolen.

Although this put an immediate stop to our work, we were able to quickly put out our call on social media, Facebook, radio and TV. Before I knew it we were everywhere 🙂

As many would know our Gutter-Vac machinery is purpose built for Gutter-Vac franchisees and not really of a great amount of use to anyone else. In fact I am quite sure that the thieves would have looked into the trailer and wondered what on Earth they were going to do with this booty.

Lucky for us, our wonderfull colleagues down in Townville, Carl and Elizabeth stepped up and loaned us one of their trailers. The joy of being part of a big wonderful family like Gutter-Vac.

Welcome July, a whole new month. We are so happy that all is business as usual. It takes a bit to stop us at Gutter-Vac Cairns. Tim even returned to the Tablelands last week to resume the gutter cleaning and pressure washing that was so rudely interrupted in June.

So in a few weeks Gutter-Vac will be in a new and shiney big red trailer. Give us a toot and a thumbs up for not being beaten by some, not so clever, trailer thieves:)

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