Booking a Gutter Cleaning Job – How Easy Is It!

Our Customer Tony, of Hobart, has this to say about booking his job;

“I recently had need of a gutter cleaning service so I contacted Chris & Therese’s Gutter-Vac Tasmania.  I rang Chris and described the job to him, he was able to give me a good idea of the cost and timeframe required.  I was impressed with his professional manner so booked the job  through their website, the cleaning was done shortly after.  I received before and after photos, an overall comment on the current state of the roof, and he even fixed a few cracked tiles where he found them.  All in all a great experience for me.  I would not hesitate in recommending Chris & Therese’s  Gutter-Vac Tasmania to my family and friends as their service is professional, timely and well priced.”

It couldn’t be easier to book gutter cleaning work.

All you have to do is ring or email us with your address and we ask you a few simple questions.

  1. Do you have gutter guard installed? The type of gutter guard installed will determine pricing costs of the gutter clean as it has to be removed and re installed.
  2. Are you having any overflow or blockage issues?
  3. How many storeys is your house?
  4. What type of roof do you have; tin, tile, cliplock etc.

We will then use google earth to measure your house gutters and in most cases we are able to quote from the information you have supplied and using this tool.

We will then email you a written quote.

Then it is up to you to accept and book the work with us.

We provide before and after photos and a roof condition report should we find any concerns that may need your attention. All rubbish will be taken away and the area left clean and tidy.

We have some clients that have organised their gutter cleaning jobs via email and phone. They have the work done and receive there invoice in an email which is then paid using internet banking. They never had to leave their desk.

No need to trouble themselves with having to organise times for quotes and making sure they can make it.

No need to be there for the gutter clean.

Feel safe in the knowledge that the work is being done with our before and after photos.

Know any problems on your roof or in your gutters with our free roof reports.

All rubbish removed and area left clean and tidy.

Call Chris or Therese on 1300 654 253 to get your no obligation free quote. It is as easy as picking up the phone or writing an email.

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