Another Satisfied Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard Customer from Hobart

“Arrived early and completed the job leaving the property clean and neat. Friendly and helpful,” says Ray and Carolyn form Bagdad, Hobart.

We arrived to find ice in the gutters, along with debris of leaves, seed pods and mud. As the property has an offending tree that releases seed pods, Ray and Carolyn needed a solution so that their gutters flowed freely without these seed pods blocking gutters and downpipes.

We supplied them with a video and literature on Gutter Flow, a ‘twisted in wire” brush that prevents debris from filling up your gutters. This product is easily removed for future cleaning of the gutters and is cost effective.

Ray and Carolyn liked the product and we cleaned the gutters and installed gutter flow to the house and carport. They will still need to have their gutters cleaned regularly but they will not have any blockage issues caused by the seed pods.

Check out the video to view the product, Gutter Flow.

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