High Gutter Clean in Trevalyn

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Top Franchise 2017

High Gutter Clean in Trevalyn

“Our gutters were a nightmare to clean. The roof is almost three stories high in places and difficult to access. Chris was WONDERFUL! He was polite, considerate, careful, positive and respectful … not to mention, exceptional at his job. I have already started singing his praises to anyone who speaks to me.. THANK YOU!”

Helen, Trevalyn Tasmania

Wow, three stories high! Yes, we can do it.

We have been to jobs that others cannot do or won’t do. Chris does not like a job to get the better of him. He can always find a solution.

Over the years, we have been faced with a few challenging jobs and completed them.

  • A very steep-pitched roof with dormer gutters that could not be reached unless on the roof.
  • An old Hobart church with a steep pitched slate roof that had reo bar to stop the slate when it falls.
  • A house with fixed guard, three stories high, cut into the side of a mountain. The roof was a steep pitch and had no room for ladder access for most of the circumference of the house, so he had to get on the roof.
  • There have been a few commercial jobs that have had difficult to access gutters, such as glass atriums, awnings and laserlite rooves.

Thank you, Helen, for the lovely praises. It is always good to hear that we did a good job.