Have You Thought About Fire Season Yet?

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Have You Thought About Fire Season Yet?

It is not quite into the fire season, but it is time to think about what you may need to do around your home to protect against an imminent fire or flying embers from a fire in the area.

A list of tasks to think about:

  • Making sure that dry, dead vegetation around the house and yard is maintained. The lawns should be kept short. If you have flammable materials lying around, either take them to the tip or store them in the correct manner.
  • Tiled rooves need checking for misplaced tiles where embers can get in.
  • Check the fire alarms in your home. Make sure they work and change the batteries.
  • If you live in a bushfire zone, you might want to think about what your fencing material is made of. This link to CSIRO will give you some ideas on the do’s and don’ts when considering fencing. If you already have a wooden fence, you can use an appropriate fire retardant to protect the existing fence.
  • Any overhanging trees and shrubs around the house are cut back and maintained.
  • Cleaning gutters to remove the leaves and twigs that are fuel for fires. Making sure the gutters and downpipes are clear against ember attack will protect you and any properties around you.
  • Have you checked your home and contents insurance lately? Revising this document is a good idea to ensure you are insured against natural disasters like bushfires. Check to see if you are covered for property damages from heat or soot, a fire might not actually attack you but the effects of a fire can also leave damage.
  • Do you have an emergency plan in case of a fire? If you live in a bushfire prone area, having an evacuation plan is crucial. Bushfires can become terrifying fast, with rapidly changing conditions. Making sure there is a plan in place, tailored to your specific needs will make it easier to keep calm and ensure the safety of your family and property.

Hiring professionals to complete tasks where personal injury is a high risk is good to consider. Another consideration using professionals is proof of completing the work for insurance companies. Gutter-Vac provide before and after photos and a roof and gutter report when completing a gutter clean for every job. Having the invoices to prove maintenance was carried out will help any insurance claim.

Thinking about using professionals to carry out these tasks? If you are, then there are others thinking on this too. The summer months are a busy time for maintenance companies, and they can be booked out months in advance. To avoid waiting for a booking or even missing out, think ahead and contact your professionals now.