Vacuum Gutter Cleaning vs Hand Cleaning Gutters

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Vacuum Gutter Cleaning vs Hand Cleaning Gutters

There are multiple ways of completing a gutter clean.

  • Vacuum gutter cleaning
  • Hand cleaning
  • Washing gutters (not recommended as water can flow back into the roof cavity

Vacuum Cleaning Gutters

Vacuum cleaning gutters is an effective and efficient method of cleaning. All the debris and sludge is removed from the gutter. Vacuuming the corrosive sludge regularly will prolong the life of the guttering.

Blockages in the downpipe to the first bend are removed. If there are blockages further down, we can use a gutter snake to loosen and flush the debris. A plumber will be required if blockages are underground.

Hiring Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania to vacuum clean your gutters will take less time and will leave the job site clean and tidy.

Hand Cleaning

Cleaning gutters by hand is a longer process. The technician removes the debris, places it in a bucket, and collects the waste in a bale bag at the vehicle. This is time-consuming and physical. Climbing the ladder with the bucket or lowering it to the ground on a rope to empty each time it is full, could mean multiple trips off the roof, depending on the amount of debris in the gutters.

It is less likely you will remove all debris and the sludge that sits on the bottom of the gutter. Pulling out wet debris can cause a huge mess on the roof, side of the gutter, and on the ground. Therefore, clean-up now must be factored in.

 Some gutters have very little gap to get a hand into, thereby, not being able to remove any debris.

What is the Best Method for Cleaning Gutters?

Our team believes vacuum cleaning is the better and most efficient method to clean gutters. Sometimes the technicians must hand clean the gutters prior to vacuuming, as the gutters have bark and sticks in them which block the hose.

There are sites that don’t have access for our vehicles or are too high for our equipment to reach. Our technicians do have to hand clean these types of jobs. Our technicians do their very best to ensure the gutters are as clean as they can get.

You can request a free quote here or call us on 1300 654 253. Our office team will endeavour to organise a gutter clean using the best method to complete a professional service. Gutter-Vac Northern and Southern Tasmania strive to make accommodations for the uniqueness of each property.