8 Ways to Prevent Falling Leaves From Entering Your Gutter

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8 Ways to Prevent Falling Leaves From Entering Your Gutter

Congested gutters can affect water drainage while posing other serious issues like rust, water damage, and pests. However, with a few simple measures like the ones we share here, you can easily keep your gutters clean and leaf-free.

#1. Trim The Trees

If you have trees surrounding your house, the best way to keep its leaves from falling into your gutter and creating an obstruction is to trim them regularly. Branches and limbs that hang over your gutters should be adequately trimmed so nothing falls into them. 

#2. Regular Cleaning 

Unless you regularly clean your gutters, none of your efforts will do you any good. To clean your gutters, you can use a leaf blower which takes very little time and will help you avoid significant build-up. This lets you reduce the time you need to clean them while saving yourself from buying more expensive tools to perform the same task

#3. Install A Leaf Catcher

Picking up the leaves by yourself can be a good workout but an even better solution is installing a leaf catcher. It helps with the accumulation of leaves by preventing them from falling inside your gutters. 

You can attach it to the downpipes and easily remove the collected leaves with your hands. 

#4. Get an All-in-One Gutter System

If you have a traditional gutter system at your house, chances are high that you’ll often have to deal with clogged gutters. This is where an all-in-one gutter system can come to the rescue. It comes with a pre-installed cap that keeps the debris from entering the gutter. The only drawback is it is one of the more expensive solutions. 

#5. Install Gutter Guards

A gutter guard prevents leaves from blocking your gutters. They’re installed on top of your gutter to prevent debris from falling inside it. There are different types and materials so make sure you look at which kind works best for you to ensure you get the functionality you need.

#6. Install Foam Filters

A foam filter helps keep large debris away from your gutters. Though they’re easy to install and inexpensive, filters don’t last that long will need to be replaced every two to three years. 

#7. Install Gutter Screens

Whether you go for a plastic gutter screen or a mesh gutter screen guard, these installations make cleaning easier. They are straightforward to install and can easily collect large debris like leaves and twigs. 

#8. Seek Professional Help

Would you rather do away with the trouble of cleaning and maintaining your gutters? A sure-fire solution is reaching out to specialists like Gutter-Vac, a professional gutter cleaning service company. Gutter-Vac has the know-how and experience for dealing with all types of roofs and gutters. They employ their own gutter vacuum and system that offers high standards of safety, value, and convenience.