Did you know we can do Disinfectant Services?

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Did you know we can do Disinfectant Services?

The last few months have seen a lot of changes to day to day life, but as we all start to head back into our work places and businesses now allowing the general public and their clients to return, the question of ‘is it safe?’ is arriving.

We have had many of our long term customers approach us to see if we could help them with a disinfectant service because they wanted it done professionally and trusted that we would do the research and put all the precautions in place.  And that is exactly what we have done. 

Be careful of any provider making unrealistic claims – even that their service will kill and stop COVID-19 because this virus is so new, making this claim could be false.  If they say, as we do, that it will kill 99.99% of viruses, then that is OK, but straight out claims on COVID-19 could be a little premature.

In fact, did you know that there has been a code of conduct released in Australia on providing disinfectant services?  If your provider looks at you like you have two heads if you ask them if they are following this code, then it is probably a warning bell that they are not doing the right thing.

We did the research and took our time to implement disinfectant services the right way.  We are using a disinfectant called BactaEx™ which will kill 99.99% of viruses and bacteria as well as odours.  It is a food grade disinfectant which means it is safe to use in food preparation areas PLUS also then means it is friendly for people and pets.  In fact, after the disinfectant service you can re-enter the space immediately.

We are fully insured to use this product and the process of disinfecting – another thing you should be asking for because to be insured, you MUST have all the correct legal documents and correct testing on the product being used to gain insurance. 

This is a new world we are living in and things have changed rapidly, but it is important to ensure that you are creating a safe environment for your staff, customers or guests.  The disinfectant service we offer is simple, effective and economical.

If you would like more information or have questions, request a quote (click the request  quote button at the top of this page) or give us a call on 1300 654 253. 

**Please note, due to the nature and training involved with this process, not all of our franchisees are yet able to provide this service, but please enquire and if they are unable to do the service but a neighbouring franchisee can, they will direct you to the right person to help you further or put you in touch with us at Head Office.

Top Tips You Need to Know When Painting Your Home

You would be surprised to know the number one tip before going ahead with painting your house.

Put simply, start with cleaning the gutters!

It may sound like an easy task to tick off on your to-do list, but you would be surprised at the number of times it is overlooked.

Every painter will attest that cleaning your gutter and roof will make all the difference between a good paint job and a bad one. It is critical to clean your gutters before beautifying your home, as otherwise all the hard work will go to waste.

Not to mention, the cost will escalate if your gutter and roof cleaning is not completed first. Even if you are undertaking a DIY job, peeling and flaking on a new paint job is an enormous headache that can be easily avoided. 

To ensure you are prepared for exterior painting we have compiled the following points to note:

You may be familiar with the saying, ‘by failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail’. Most painting is in fact prep work. After the initial assessment, the painter, (or the DIYer), will need to start by sanding the surface. This ensures a smooth, consistent finish. If it is a particularly damaged surface or has deeply ingrained dirt, water pressure cleaning is recommended. Check that the gutters are not severely damaged or extremely rust-ridden before conducting a water pressure clean as this may cause further damage. Your gutters may need replacing in this instance.

If minor surface rust is apparent, it is best to give the area a good sanding. This will prevent the surface rust from eating further into the metal. Then apply two coats of rust proof converter. This step can be omitted though if you regularly maintain your roof and gutters. Next, apply a high quality metal primer before applying your exterior paint.

Selecting your colour scheme is an important factor to consider. The right colour scheme can do wonders aesthetically, and increase the market value of your home. Paint equals profit. Working out colour schemes is an art in itself. It is always beneficial to talk to a professional colour consultant to get a helping hand when it comes to creating a suitable look for your home. It may also be easier or harder to detect dirt and grime, depending on your chosen colours.

So after the prep work is complete, when and where is best to start painting?

Professional tradespeople recommend systematically starting at the roof and gutter before working your way down. Then, move on to the fascia and eaves. Next, move your way onto the walls/weatherboards of your home. Lastly, attend to the window trims. Remember to keep the windows open during this process to ensure thorough drying. 

A good time to start painting is early morning or in the afternoon when the temperature is cooler. If you are a DIYer you will especially notice the paint will be more difficult to apply if attempting to work in the midday heat.

To emphasise…preparation is vital. After the paintwork is complete – timely maintenance is key. Clogged gutters will ultimately overflow and ruin your newly refreshed exterior. Further, Brisbane has a variety of bird and bat species. Did you know bird and bat droppings are commonly found in neglected gutters? The chemicals produced in animal droppings are major culprits of paint corrosion. However, regular cleans will put a halt to grumbling gutters and protect your paint for years to come.

Gutter Cleaning at Bilgola Plateau

It’s an amazing experience every time we get on a roof to complete a gutter clean – especially at locations like Bilgola Plateau where we look out at exceptional views like this one.

This Bilgola Plateau property requires an annual gutter clean. Maintaining the yearly cleaning schedule will prolong the life of this property’s gutters and therefore delay the cost of gutter replacement for the owner. That’s because our regular gutter clean includes vacuum cleaning any debris such as leaves and twigs, as well as the removal of corrosive sludge.

This property also has a number of solar panels so while we are on the roof, we check to see if the solar panels need cleaning as well.

Like your gutters, solar panels experience build-up of grime, dust and other materials. This creates a film over the panels – impacting their efficiency by as much as 40%.

When combining a gutter clean with a solar panel clean, we offer a reduced rate per solar panel.

But we don’t just limit our solar panel inspection to cleaning. We also check if the panels are cracked or broken. If we see anything of concern, we’ll bring it to your attention.

If you would like a free quote for a gutter or solar panel clean, please call Gutter-Vac Upper North Shore & Northern Beaches 1300 654 253