November is all about men’s health awareness, and althought neither Tim or I sport a Mo to remove, we would like to thank those who do support this cause, by shaving for a cure. Good On You…

We can however, remove mould and algae, another thing that has a growth spurt in November.

In fact you may have noticed our new and improved Splash Page, which now highlights this service. We’ve always said that we are more than just gutters and down pipes and November proves that the people of Cairns and FNQ have been waiting for us and our high pressure water blasing service.

From Defence and Spotless, to Body Corporates, Hospitals and schools…we have been to every corner of our FNQ territory. Kuranda and the Tablelands are especially loving our pressure washing service.

Aside from the asthetics of having your roof, paths, driveways and buildings pressure washed, the health benefits of living mould free are enormous, not to mention the aweful musty smell. A little hint to you my friends….clove oil. A coulple of drops in some water and wipe everthing over before the wet arrives.

THE WET…is it ever going to come I hear you ask! Well I guess Mother Nature is just giving us a little extra time to prepare. I see that several insurance companies are pushing for gutter cleaning to be included in our preparation. Well, I wonder if this is not a hint from them? I know that if your gutters, down pipes and storm water drains are not maintained and your ceiling floods, quite often the insurance companies will not pay out. I have heard from many of our returning clients that the leaves have now finished dropping in most parts of FNQ, so consider giving Gutter-Vac Cairns a call to put your mind at rest.

Tim and I are very excited that we have now been Gutter-Vac Franchisees for 12months. In that time we have been able to help so many people with gutter vacuuming, roof repairs, ceiling cavity cleans, gutter protection systems and pressure washing. We have been chuffed by your feedback and support. I would like to thank all of our new friends for their business and return business. We are having a great time servicing Cairns and FNQ.

Enjoy your summer preparations and stay dry.


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