Gutter-Vac Orange – Please don’t pressure wash your gutters!

Have you seen or heard of people pressure washing their gutters to get them clean?

We at Gutter-Vac Central West NSW do not support any operators doing this.

“WHY?”, we hear you say:

  • Using high pressure water in your gutters increases the chance of pushing water into your ceiling cavity. This may cause damage to your insulation or gyprock.
  • The pressure also forces the leaves and rubbish into your eves and/or ceiling cavity, and once it dries out it gives vermin a food source.
  • The water pressure pushes all the leaf matter, dirt and sludge down into your downpipes leaving it with nowhere to go, causing further blockages down your pipes. This causes great expense when a blockage occurs, because you have to call in a plumber to find and clear the problem.

So next time, if you are offered a pressure wash or think it’s the easy way to clean your gutters, please think of the ongoing issues you could create.

At Gutter-Vac, we vacuum clean gutters, sucking up and taking away all of the leaf matter, dirt and sludge.


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