Gutter-Vac Central West; Flue Cleans in Mullion Creek and Orange

Although it is Winter, we at Gutter-Vac are still cleaning flues. This week, Gutter Vac have cleaned a number of wood fires here in Orange and Mullion Creek. Yes, you do need to let your fire go out for the day, to let your baffle plate and Flue cool. During these flue cleans this week, we found fires that have been smoking and not burning – this was also due to the flue not breathing correctly as it was blocked with soot or Gum (Gum is soot that has crystallized and turned hard). It’s important to remove this completely from your flue, not just to have it pushed down onto the baffle plate as this will still allow the fire to smoke.

Clients purchasing wood should deal with a preferred seller; this is so that you can ensure that you are buying seasoned fire wood for your wood fire. Seasoned wood burns better and warms your home where as green wood will smoke and smoulder and not supply heat to your home.

Next time you have your gutters cleaned, get your flue cleaned at the same time and ask Grahame for the special deal for the gutter and flue Clean.

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