Gutter Cleaning Melbourne Review, Bulleen

“Just moved to a new address, double story house, and the gutters were full of leaves and caked on dirt, and the downpipes were blocked by dirt and dry leaves. The gutters had its own garden growing! A recipe for disaster when it finally starts raining again! The water wouldn’t be going down the downpipes, it would have been going straight under the eaves and into the house!¬†Called a local gutter specialist that uses the gutter vac system which is like an industrial vacuum cleaner and sucks anything that is in the gutters and downpipes. AMAZING!! I’ve never seen cleaner gutters in my life. The price was reasonable and well worth it. Mina Moussa is the gutter-vac specialist and his service was prompt, professional and friendly. Thanks for a clean, no fuss job well done!”

Leo from Bulleen

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