And the Winner is….

Gutter-Vac Cairns have taken out the ‘National Single Franchise’ award at this year’s Annual Conference.

Although last year we were awarded Runner Up, it was a huge surprise this year with all the outstanding Gutter-Vac Franchisees throughout the country. There was a lot of discussion as to what makes a winning team, and almost everyone agreed that customer service was of the utmost importance.

Tim and I have continued to expand into the unknown, doing more and more ‘out of the box’ jobs. Pressure washing, soft washing, roof and external house cleans and most importantly, gutter cleaning are still on our to do list, but we are attending to more and more cavity cleans. More recently we have been working closely with a few insulation installers and have agreed that the old blow in, or paper insulation needs to be removed. Not only is it flammable, but it is also host to all kinds of things that we just don’t like to think about (mouse and rat dropping for example). And don’t be fooled as to how much of this blow in insulation is up there in your roof, it seriously expands to easy fill a huge skip bin. In other words, your home vacuum is just not going to cut the mustard, and to be honest you really don’t want to be going into the ceiling space.  We can have the ceiling cavity vacuumed and cleaned within a day.

As always following closely behind the Gutter-Vac National Conference, is the Cairns Home Show (no rest for the wicked they say Timbo). The last few years we have focused on different thing. Our first year at the Home Show we stuck to our training and ran with… you guessed it, vacuum cleaning gutters. The second year we looked more closely at Gutter Guards and Gutter Protection Systems, both fixed and slip in brushes. The amount of interest in Gutter guard is growing every year, and there is a system for every gutter, depending on the type of trees around and the shape of your roof and gutter. Chat with Tim at the Expo, he is the expert. However, this year our focus is going to be on the removal of insulation and vacuum cleaning of ceiling cavities. It’s the perfect time of the year for us to be in the ceiling, and it saves you paying stupidity tax in the middle of summer…Just a thought 🙂

So, look for our big red Gutter-Vac trailer and drop in on us at the Home Show.

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