Bushfire Season is upon us

Predictions across Australia after a dry winter are ominous for a long ,dry and hot Spring and Summer. Forecasters are predicting a dangerously high bushfire season.

Experts are advising homeowners should start their preparations early in anticipation of protecting their home.

Emergency services strongly advise those in high risk areas to keep their gutters clear of debris to protect their property.

A large percentage of properties lost in bushfires are a result of flying embers landing on roofs and in gutters. High risk areas are well advised to have their gutters cleaned professionally and regularly to reduce the risk of loss.

Gutter-Vacs vacuum technology is a great way to keep your property safe and free from debris reducing any fuel for a bushfire.

Call Gutter Vac on 1300 654 253 to arrange your peace of mind or click here for further information.

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