5 things every Northern Beaches property owner should consider before choosing a gutter guard system

The advertising around permanent gutter guard products would have you believe “You never need to clean your gutters again”. But this is a myth.

Permanent mesh gutter protection stops large twigs and large leaves from entering your gutters. But they don’t stop small leaves, petals, seeds, pollen, dust or dirt. Over time, sludge will build up, providing vermin with a bountiful food source, and they’ll soon use your cosy ceiling cavity as their home.

So, even if you have permanent gutter guard installed, your gutters will still need to be cleaned. But worse, if you select the wrong system, these gutter guards will need to be removed, cleaned and re-installed. This can significantly increase the time required to clean your gutters.

Some people suggest pressure washing gutters. But it’s not a good idea as this method simply pushes water and sludge into your ceiling cavity, which can cause damage to your home.

There are some good permanent gutter guard products on the market. You just need to make sure you choose the system that’s right for your property.

5 things to consider when choosing a permanent gutter guard system – especially if you live on Sydney’s leafy North shore

  1. Is your home surrounded by trees? If it is, do these trees drop pollen, shed their leaves or drop flowers?
  1. Does your area have a vermin problem? That includes insects like mosquitos, rats, possums or mice.
  1. Do you live in an area that’s considered to be at risk during bush fire season? If you do, there may be specific building codes that relate to bush fire prevention and this could affect your permanent gutter guard options.
  1. Will the permanent gutter protection system be easy to clean and remove (because your gutters will still need cleaning regardless of the system you choose)?
  1. Is the gutter protection system you’re considering worth the investment compared with the cost of using a regular gutter cleaning service?

As Professional Gutter Cleaners, we have seen many different forms of gutter protection systems across the Northern Beaches and North Shore suburbs of Sydney.

In our view, many of these systems are ineffective and simply add to the costs of gutter cleaning. When we speak to homeowners, the one common feeling they share is their bitter disappointment with the gutter guard product they selected. It usually cost them thousands of dollars and has proven to be ineffective in providing the protection it promised. All gutters need regular cleaning – even if you have a gutter guard product installed. So, if it’s been a year or so since you last cleaned your gutters, give us a call on 1300 654 253 or book on-line at https://www.guttervac.com.au/locations/upper-north-shore-and-northern-beaches/

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