Tips For Making Gutter Cleaning As Simple As Possible

Gutter cleaning doesn’t have to be a messy chore that leaves you physically and mentally exhausted. By preparing beforehand, you can avoid most of the unpleasantness that comes with the job. 

Organisation Tips to Remember

Here’s a list to help keep you organised with suggestions on how to simplify gutter cleaning:

  • Wear the proper attire – gloves, full sleeves work shirt, pants, and rubber-soled boots 
  • Toss the bucket and lay a tarp on your lawn. By scooping the gunk onto the tarp, you’ll protect your lawn and save yourself trips up and down the ladder.
  • Use a ladder with a stabiliser. Hook necessities like a garden hose (attached to a water source, of course) to your ladder to reduce trips up and down the ladder.
  • Use a plastic gunk scooper (a rubber spatula will work if you’re in a pinch). Don’t use metal as it might damage your gutters.
  • Keep repair supplies (drill, nails, brackets) handy and save yourself a second trip by fixing while you clean.
  • Flush your gutters once you are done cleaning out the dry leaves and debris. Don’t forget to run the water down the downspout at full pressure to ensure they’re free of blockages.

Safety Tips to Remember

Gutter cleaning can be challenging. Follow these tips to stay safe:

  • Ensure the ladder is on stable ground or is tethered to something
  • Get the correct ladder height for your house, inspect it for wear and tear, don’t overreach, and remember to check the ladder’s maximum load capacity 
  • If your home has multiple stories, get a safety harness and a spotter
  • Be careful of electrical wiring around gutters, especially if you’re using water
  • Don’t wear loose clothes that will snag on the ladder or roof
  • Wear protective gear to avoid contact with rodents, birds, mould and anything else hidden in the gunk

Reduce your workload by following these suggestions:

  • Trim tree branches and remove the main source of debris in your rain gutters
  • Get a gutter protection system
  • Schedule twice-a-year cleaning to prevent damage to your gutter system and your home

The Best Option – Get Help With Gutter Cleaning

Whether you need a residential or commercial plan, installation of gutter guards, no-mess-vacuum cleaning, bird proofing, or repairs, Gutter-vac offers high-quality, affordable solutions. Request a quote today by reaching out to us.

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