Gutter Guard isn’t always The Answer

Lately we’ve been getting a lot of requests for gutter guard installation. Gutter guard can be a great solution for keeping debris out of your gutters, in certain situations. However, there are a few things you need to consider before committing to the costly installation of gutter guard.

What type of debris is collecting in your gutters and on your roof?

If the debris collecting in your gutters and on your roof consists of large leaves and sticks then gutter guard may be the answer. However, for fine debris such as small leaves, pine needles and seeds, gutter guard won’t be very effective as these things will still get through.

How much debris is collecting in your gutters and how often do they require cleaning?

If you find that your gutters do not fill with debris and only require cleaning every one or two years then it probably isn’t worth having gutter guard installed. A general maintenance check and clean every year or so will suffice. However, if your gutters require cleaning every 3 or 4 months then gutter guard may help reduce the number of cleans required per year.

Dust and grime will still build up in your gutters!

Something a lot of people don’t realise is, even if the gutter guard is stopping a lot of the bulk debris from getting in the gutters, dirt and grime will still collect in them. This means that the gutters will still need to be cleaned every so often. If left for too long your gutters can become the perfect breeding ground for vermin and a great place for plants, grass and moss to grow. Cleaning gutters once gutter guard is fitted can be a difficult and time-consuming process as the gutter guard needs to either be removed completely or one edge needs to be unscrewed and lifted to gain access to the gutters. It then needs to be refitted once the clean is finished.

Debris will still build up on your roof and on top of the gutter guard.

Larger debris will still collect on your roof and on top of the gutter guard which will still need to be cleaned off regularly. If this debris is not cleaned off regularly then it may result in your roof becoming discoloured or rusted.

How does the cost of regular cleaning and gutter guard installation compare?

You also need to consider how the cost of installing gutter guard compares to the cost of having your gutters cleaned regularly, and how often you will need to have your gutters and roof cleaned after gutter guard is installed.

If you’d like any more information on the pros and cons of gutter guard and what to consider before having it installed feel free to contact us. We are happy to answer any questions you may have and can provide you with a free quote. You can contact us on 0412 309 379 or email us at

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