When We Can’t Gutter Clean From The Roof

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When We Can’t Gutter Clean From The Roof

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Gutter Cleaning From the Ground

There are various reasons we can not access a roof to clean the gutters.

  • Terracotta tiles
  • Too steep
  • Slippery roof
  • Laser lite roof
  • The ladder won’t reach as the building is too tall.
  • The client does not want us on the roof; tiles are too frail, roof is weak, can’t get replacement tiles.

If we can reach the gutter then we use the ladder and check that the vacuum has removed all debris. When the building is too high and a ladder does not reach, we use a camera on a pole.

This way we still provide the customer with before and after photos.

It is a good workout on the shoulders and upper body. When  there are grass clumps in the gutter, it can be quite tricky. But if you can get a good suction on the clump we can remove it and drop the pole to the waiting person to remove it from the end. Depending on how many poles we have attached, it is a “kick it to me “ moment, trying to gauge where to stand in order to grab the end with the grass in it.

Balconies and entertainment areas that have laser lite rooves are not accessible. The roof is obviously too weak to be able to hold any weight.

Our ground working kit in action. The candy cane hook is clear so we know what we are sucking out of the gutters. Click here to view a video of Ground Workers Kit

Before and After photos of the ground workers kit in action.