Use Gutter Flow Gutter Guard In Conjunction with Regular Gutter Cleaning

Gutter clean and gutter guard Hobart

Do you have heavy debris in your gutters?

Are you forever cleaning them to stay on top of the debris and blockages?

Gutter cleaning is beneficial for the lifespan, as well as their overall condition, of the guttering.  

Have you considered a gutter guard that you can remove easily and lengthen the time in between cleaning the gutters?

Gutter Flow is a bottle brush style gutter guard that is easy to install. It slides in and sits under the hanger of the gutter. The debris sits on top and allows any water to pass below through the bristles.

Gutter Cleaning and Gutter Guard

Installing Gutter Flow is an effective method of keeping your gutters clean when used in conjunction with regular gutter cleaning.

If you simply install gutter flow and leave the debris to build up on top of the guard, over time, the debris becomes too heavy and will collapse the bristle. The guard will deteriorate and weeds and plants will likely grow in the debris. The roots will then get entwined in the gutter flow causing it to not be effective.

Gutter Guard Hobart

Using gutter guard in conjunction with gutter cleaning is one way to stay on top of things, especially if you are faced with blockages and overflows regularly. It prevents the debris from entering the downpipes and causing issues further down the line.

Another good option is cleaning the gutters on a schedule of three, four or six monthly periods. This option cleans the corrosive sludge, not leaving it to rust the gutters. It leaves the gutter free to allow the water to follow the path intended. The roof and valleys are cleared and keeps them in good order.

Whichever option you decide to choose, please take home the fact that the only way to keep your gutters looking heathy and clean is that you will always need to clean the gutters. It does not matter what style of guard you install, a gutter clean will always be required. You should weigh up the options and costs of supply and installation and then what it costs to clean the gutters in the future and how many times it will be required.

If you would like some help with determining what your options are, please contact us at Gutter-Vac Tasmania.

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