Gutter Guard in Lenah Valley

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

We were recently asked to complete a gutter clean at a rental property in Lenah Valley as they were having overflow issues.

After an inspection, we found fixed gutter guard installed. Due to the layout of this roof, debris catches in the valley sections and does not blow away. Over time it breaks down and falls through the gutter guard and builds up underneath.

Hobart Gutter Cleaning

Regular gutter cleaning in this instance is recommended. It costs up to four times as much to remove the guard, clean, and refit the guard. The landlord decided to remove the guard altogether and have us attend on a more regular basis to vacuum the debris before it presents a problem.

They realised the necessity of cleaning off the top of the gutter guard to prevent the debris from breaking down and falling through. Instead of paying money each time to clean off the top and then to remove, clean, and refit the guard every one to two years, it was decided that removing the guard was the best option.

Even normal gutters collect debris over time, as the materials break down before blowing away in the wind.

It really does pay to do your research before going to the expense of installing a gutter guard. Run all scenarios through and run cost analyses on each option. Then work out over time which option would best suit your needs and budget.

Always remember the golden rule, installing a gutter guard does not negate ever having to clean your gutters again.

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