Clouds Rolling in, Have You Cleaned Your Gutters Yet?

Gutter Clean Hobart

We are constantly watching the weather when we are on the roof.

It can become unsafe to be caught on the roof in a sprinkle of rain. Just a small amount of water can make a dirty roof very slippery.

If it is only a light shower or intermittent rain, we use our ground workers system to vacuum clean the gutters. When the rain becomes more persistent, it is time to pack up. There is no point sucking water into our drums.

Storms also remind us to clean our gutters. Sometimes, leaks appear or overflows occur. This could mean they are full of debris and require a clean. Good maintenance would be to have them cleaned regularly so that in times of storms, you know they are clear and can handle the flow of water.

We see time and time again, after a huge rain event, many people ring to have emergency cleaning of gutters. They have not been cleaned for some time and everyone wants a gutter clean immediately. It then becomes hard to schedule everyone in.

The best advise is to maintain your gutters on a regular basis and enjoy the clouds rolling in with peace of mind.

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