Are You On Tank Water?

Gutter Cleaning in Hobart

Properties on tank water should endeavour to keep the gutters clean of debris to get the best quality drinking water.

Gutters full of debris will not collect the quantity of water as overflow issues could occur.

The  above photo had the water bypassing the gutters in downpours due to not being able to access the gutter. When it was a constant slow rain, the water would soak into the grassy mass and eventually find its way to the down pipe and the tank. This would mean the water was passing through grass and mud, depositing into the tank.

Gutter clean in Hobart

There might not be so many overflow issues with the above gutter but again the water has to pass through mud and grass.

Gutter Clean in Hobart

This is what came out of the gutter. Imagine the water soaking through this muddy root system and flowing into the water tank.

We provide a reminder service, letting you know when your gutter clean is due. You can set the period to whatever you would like.

An email is sent, reminding you that you are due a clean. This is not obligatory, even if you have set a period. Should you not wish a clean when a reminder is sent, we simply skip that period and send you a reminder the next period. Contact Gutter-Vac Tasmania for a free quote today and get your maintenance schedule in place.

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