Why Roof Reports Can Be Useful After a Gutter Clean…

Gutter-Vac Tasmania Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We attended a real estate property to clean the gutters and found the valley flashing had slipped into the gutter. This left an opening at the ridge cap and a blockage point in the gutter.

Slipped flashing, a potential blockage point

The Property Managers use our reports to manage the maintenance on the properties. Using this report, the manager would be able to then contract a roofing plumber to rectify the issue.

When we complete a gutter clean, we provide a roof and gutter report. We do this for every job, residential or commercial.

It becomes a very useful tool to everyone for maintenance. Every year a gutter clean is carried out and a check is completed over the roof. If there is an issue that requires further investigation or work, you are notified in this report.

Most people do not get on to their roof and therefore would not know if there was a potential hazard/problem that required attention until it was too late and damage had been caused as a result.

We also provide before and after photos of the work. These can be a valuable tool for insurance companies as it creates a file of evidence to your maintenance on your property.

Regular gutter cleaning with Gutter-vac Tasmania is more than just a gutter clean.

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