Do You Have Small Trees Growing In Your Gutter?

The gutters are not the place for a tree to grow. The roots take hold of the gutter and the inside of the roof. Blockages occur and water ingress can be a result. We clean the valleys and any other area on the building that collects debris. Laserlite roofs of pergolas that are built on to make a barbeque area can sometimes catch debris on the roof and gutter line of the house.

This church has debris growing above the doorway, as pictured below. It is not a valley or gutter as such but a build-up that has allowed plants to take hold. These plants have grown in size and have now embedded their roots into the mortar and sandstone. We are going to have to poison them and wait for them to die, for removal. Should we try to pull out the plants, we risk damage to the sandstone and the building.

It is not a good idea to leave plants growing in the gutters or anywhere else on the building. If you can see plants give us a call and we can organise a free quote. We take away all the rubbish or we can leave you the plants to transfer to a better place for growing other than your gutters.

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