Body Corporates and Gutter Cleaning Management

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A body corporate is a company hired by the owners of a property to manage two or more dwellings on behalf of all the individual owners/renters. Body corporates can be different for each property and govern different things. Their responsibilities include conducting meetings, collecting and banking levies, advising on asset management, arrange insurance valuations, managing insurance claims, keeping financial accounts and maintenance. 

Body corporates are important because they maintain and manage the common property on behalf of the owners. Which is where Gutter Vac comes into action. The body corporate can organise whole complex maintenance, like gutter cleaning. Due to the scope of the work it may be possible to get the work done on a cheaper scale, as it is one big job and not singularities. Gutter Vac Tasmania have the option for clients to opt into a no obligation reminder service so when the scheduled gutter clean is due, the body corporate can act on what work is required. This is very helpful to the managers of these body corporates as they have a number of properties on their books and it helps them to keep on top of the gutter cleaning maintenance. 

Gutter Vac Tasmania work with multiple body corporates across the state. They trust us as we are trained and fully insured to work at all heights. All technicians have completed their ‘Working at Heights’ certificate which means they are well versed in maintaining safety and OH&S standards. The body corporates always appreciate our condition reports and before and after photos to file them against the properties they manage. 

If you live in a town house or unit complex, you could approach your body corporate for gutter cleaning regulations for your facility or pass our details onto the manager to receive a free quote. 

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