Gutter-Vac now has a new innovation in tank cleaning.  We can now clean tanks whilst they are still full of water.  In the past, we could only clean tanks if they were empty.

The connection between gutter cleaning and tank cleaning is very important.  If your tanks are being cleaned, you should have clean gutters.  Conversely, if you are having your gutters cleaned and you have a rainwater tank, then you should get your tank cleaned as well.  We can now do that cleaning whilst the tank is full of water.

That saves lots of water and saves a lot of inconvenience for people. Previously if you had to empty your tank, you would then have to buy water to fill the tank back up. There is no need for that any longer.  We can clean a tank while full of water with very little loss of water.  We can desludge the bottom of the tank and remove all the mud and soup at the bottom of the tank.  At the same time we can clean the gutters.

So now you will be able to have a complete rainwater harvesting system.  Clean gutters, clean tank, clean water.

A complete system.

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