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Top Franchise 2017

EnviroClean Works!

Have you heard about our new product EnviroClean yet? EnviroClean is a specialised product to clean off moss, mould and lichen from your roof, exterior walls and any exterior surface. It is ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY !  It doesn’t contain any chlorine bleach chemicals and is non-dangerous to use. So not only is it environmentally friendly – […]

Why vacuum when cleaning your gutters?

What is the difference between vacuum cleaning your gutters, cleaning them by hand or simply ‘blowing off/out’ your gutters? There is a big difference and it is not just about efficiency, it is about the effectiveness of the job. Firstly, understand that in gutters there is not only just leafy matter, there is often moss, […]

Blocked gutters….

Blocked gutters are a major issue for any home.  A blocked gutter added with a rainfall can cause extensive damage to your home.  Maybe in one heavy rainfall or over a period of time if left unchecked. When a gutter is blocked and you haven’t had your gutters cleaned for an extended period of time, […]

Schools out for Easter.

Happy Easter everyone! Easter is not just the time of year that the Easter Bunny comes to leave yummy chocolate Easter eggs and we all eat a million hot cross buns, it is the time that Gutter-Vac franchisees are out and about vacuum cleaning gutters at schools! It is at this time of year that […]