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Top Franchise 2017

Being bushfire prepared

What has been happening in Australia over the summer has been devasting and almost unimaginable the extent and area that bushfires have been burning across the country. We talk about being bushfire prepared all of the time, because we do live in Australia and bushfires are not a new occurrence (maybe not to this extent […]

Clean gutters and fire prevention

Across Australia, this summer is expected to be a potentially devastating bushfire season, and now is the time fire authorities are urging residents to be bushfire ready. Among the preparations that homeowners and landlords can undertake is to ensure their gutters are clear of leaf litter. Here’s an insight into the role gutters play in […]

Why use Gutter-Vac?

As the first subtle hints of spring begin to creep in, now’s about the time many people turn their attention to a little home and garden maintenance, and chances are a good gutter clean is high on the house keeping agenda. Over the course of a cold wet winter, the likelihood is your gutters have […]

The benefits of a mobile franchise

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to buying a franchise – what industry, what brand, what sort of reputation does the existing business have? But one of the key questions potential franchisees should consider is whether they’d prefer a franchise with fixed premises or one that’s a mobile operation. Easy to establish and […]

Six hidden threats of blocked gutters

It might be low on the to-do list, but regularly cleaning your gutters is an essential task when it comes to home maintenance. Why? Because gutters play an important role in funneling water away from your home. And when they’re blocked, littered with debris or in disrepair, the impacts can extend to the very foundation […]

On tank water? Why clean gutters count.

Around a quarter of the Australian population relies on a rainwater tank as their main supply of household water, and that figure is steadily increasing, according to the Australian Bureau of Statistics. Renowned as a clean, efficient, and environmentally friendly way of harvesting available water, rainwater tanks also allow householder to cut their expenditure when […]