Gutter-Vac awarded #1 in Overall Franchise Category

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Top Franchise 2017

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Meet Mina from Gutter-Vac Manningham

We recently chatted with Mina from Gutter-Vac Manningham about what lead him to Gutter-Vac, and his experiences so far. Meet Mina!   What you were doing prior to buying a franchise business?  When I completed my Mechanical Engineering Degree in 2009, it was during the GFC and almost every industry was downsizing let alone hiring […]

Meet Lyn and Llew from Gutter-Vac Townsville

Meet Lyn and Llew, from Gutter-Vac Townsville. They only joined Gutter-Vac this year, but have certainly made a splash cleaning gutters in and around Townville, getting great reviews and making a name for themselves as gutter cleaning specialists.   Where does Gutter-Vac Townsville service?  We service from Home Hill, which is 92km south of here, […]

“Top scoring Gutter-Vac gives franchisees a step up with lenders”

With finance a challenge for many small business operators, including franchises, Gutter-Vac recently submitted itself to a rigorous examination and report of its operations by leading independent research and reporting firm, FRANdata. This report not only provided a detailed overview and description of the Gutter-Vac operation but also assigned an underwriting score to help lenders […]