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Top Franchise 2017

Safe Work Method Statement

We take safety seriously at Gutter-Vac and because we do a lot of commercial work where this is a requirement, we use a Safe Work Method Statement for every job. Now what is a Safe Work Method Statement you may ask? Basically this is a way to work safely on a site, especially a commercial […]

Bird Proofing

Birds can cause a lot of issues to a property and we see them all.  There are many ways you can protect your property from the results of birds plus their nesting behaviours and do this in a humane way that doesn’t cause injury or harm to the birds. The biggest issue we come across […]

Happy Father’s Day

Stuck for ideas on what to give your Dad this Father’s day?  He really doesn’t need another pair of socks right? At Gutter-Vac, we have a lot of father’s amongst our Franchisees so we asked them about their favourite Father’s day presents they have ever received.  I’m sure you won’t be surprised that the favourite […]

What’s the truth about Gutter Guards?

In this video, Warren Ballantyne (Founder of Gutter-Vac) explains the difference between gutter guards and why a removable gutter guard works best.  If you have been thinking about getting gutter guards, then take a moment to watch this video for valuable information to help you with your decision. Want more information on Gutter-Flow – Click […]

A roof can be a slippery place !

If you know anything about Gutter-Vac, then we hope you know that we take safety very seriously.  A roof can be far more dangerous than what people think.  We see it all the time where home owners think that just because their roof surface is relatively flat and only a single storey off the ground […]

Victorian Stage 4 Shutdown

To our valued VICTORIAN customers,  In accordance with Stage 4 restrictions in Metropolitan Melbourne and the Mitchell Shire, our Franchisees in these areas have ceased operation for the 6-week lockdown period with an anticipated return to work date of Monday 14th September to be advised by the Victorian State Government.  At this time, we must […]

Are your gutters overflowing?

With the winter rains comes lots of calls from home owners that their gutters are overflowing.  It is pretty clear to everyone that their gutters are now full of debris, blocking the gutters from doing their intended purpose of taking the rainfall landing on the roof of the property and moving it through the gutters […]