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Top Franchise 2017

Solar Panels – Why Clean Them?

As we all become more environmentally friendly and looking to become more self-sufficient, especially with our energy use, there are more and more properties with solar panels installed on their roof lines, but the question is, when was the last time you had them cleaned? Think about your windows.  You may not be touching them, […]

Being bushfire prepared

What has been happening in Australia over the summer has been devasting and almost unimaginable the extent and area that bushfires have been burning across the country. We talk about being bushfire prepared all of the time, because we do live in Australia and bushfires are not a new occurrence (maybe not to this extent […]

Clean gutters and fire prevention

Across Australia, this summer is expected to be a potentially devastating bushfire season, and now is the time fire authorities are urging residents to be bushfire ready. Among the preparations that homeowners and landlords can undertake is to ensure their gutters are clear of leaf litter. Here’s an insight into the role gutters play in […]