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Roof safety while cleaning gutters

How do Gutter-Vac franchisees work safely on your roof whilst cleaning your gutters? They use Ballantyne safety equipment and Ballantyne Safety training.  That is a nationally accredited working at heights training course.  It is put into the training for Gutter-Vac franchisees. Ballantyne Safety is a company that also trains outside companies and their employees and […]

Why vacuum clean gutters?

It might not seem obvious, but hand cleaning just simply just gets the top off the items in your gutters.  What is left behind are the materials that are causing the damage.  You could actually leave the leaves behind because they aren’t the problem.  The problem is the mud and sludge that is underneath the leaves and it […]

What does Gutter-Vac do?

The name says Gutter-Vac which means that we clean gutters using a vacuum system.  The perception is how could you make a living cleaning just gutters?  The truth is, we don’t just clean gutters, we offer a wide range of services.  We clean ceiling cavities, sumps, downpipes, storm water, we can remove old insulation out of ceiling cavities […]

Gutters & the Environment

Everything that goes down storm water drains ends up untreated in our rivers, lakes and the ocean. Pollutants in storm water are having a disastrous impact on all aquatic life, not only harming fish, plants and wildlife, but reducing the water quality for humans.  The rotting debris that fill your gutters are extremely high in […]

MEDIA RELEASE Tuesday June 19th 2012

School Leaver Joins Gutter-Vac 44 year old Torquay resident Paul Bowker has been well aware of Gutter-Vac for some time, given he had been a regular client before taking on a franchise himself. Paul worked as a Property/Project Manager with a private school on the outskirts of Melbourne where he employed Gutter-Vac Franchise Owner Kit […]

PT Corp make our accounting a breeze

At Gutter-Vac HQ, we’re focussed on providing our new franchisees with the right services, support and advice to help them hit the ground running. That’s why we work with PT Corp, a great Brisbane-based business solutions company. Their bookkeeping service, Priority 1 Bookkeeping, has helped many of our franchisees get set up with MYOB, giving them the […]

Helping RSPCA

Gutter-Vac strongly believes in giving back to the local community. We take pride in helping local communities, whether it be by sponsoring a local sport teams, donating a gift voucher to a fund raising event or participating in our National RSPCA Pro Bono program. In 2009 Gutter-Vac launched its national RSPCA Pro Bono program.  In […]