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Top Franchise 2017

Rainwater Tank Cleaning

Gutter-Vac now has a new innovation in tank cleaning.  We can now clean tanks whilst they are still full of water.  In the past, we could only clean tanks if they were empty. The connection between gutter cleaning and tank cleaning is very important.  If your tanks are being cleaned, you should have clean gutters.  […]

Why clean gutters?

Depending on where you live, there are lots of reasons on why you’d want to get your gutters cleaned. Obviously, if you live in a leafy area, the obvious thing is that leaves and debris fall on your roof, go into your gutters and can go down your downpipes, get blocked, block your stormwater lines, […]

Commercial building gutter cleaning

In most commercial properties, they are shared property.  They have shared roofs, guttering and storm water systems.  The problem is that if there is a part of this property, say like a unit development, and there is a block in the gutters and they are overflowing, it will probably impact on other units or other […]

Franchise Expo

On the weekend, the annual Franchise Expo was on.  I had the pleasure of speaking with many attendees looking at buying a franchise or franchising their business whilst I was helping out on the Franchise Council expo stand.  On the Sunday, I also got to help out by presenting a presentation on how franchising works […]

Roof safety while cleaning gutters

How do Gutter-Vac franchisees work safely on your roof whilst cleaning your gutters? They use Ballantyne safety equipment and Ballantyne Safety training.  That is a nationally accredited working at heights training course.  It is put into the training for Gutter-Vac franchisees. Ballantyne Safety is a company that also trains outside companies and their employees and […]

Why vacuum clean gutters?

It might not seem obvious, but hand cleaning just simply just gets the top off the items in your gutters.  What is left behind are the materials that are causing the damage.  You could actually leave the leaves behind because they aren’t the problem.  The problem is the mud and sludge that is underneath the leaves and it […]

What does Gutter-Vac do?

The name says Gutter-Vac which means that we clean gutters using a vacuum system.  The perception is how could you make a living cleaning just gutters?  The truth is, we don’t just clean gutters, we offer a wide range of services.  We clean ceiling cavities, sumps, downpipes, storm water, we can remove old insulation out of ceiling cavities […]

Gutters & the Environment

Everything that goes down storm water drains ends up untreated in our rivers, lakes and the ocean. Pollutants in storm water are having a disastrous impact on all aquatic life, not only harming fish, plants and wildlife, but reducing the water quality for humans.  The rotting debris that fill your gutters are extremely high in […]