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Top Franchise 2017

Did you know . . . We clean solar panels?

Increase the efficiency of your solar panels with regular cleaning. We can clean them using a soft brush vacuum or demineralized water to protect your panels whilst getting the optimal cleaning result. Have a problem with birds or pests getting under the solar panel? We can also install a specialized gutter guard on the necessary […]

No job too big or too small!

When I am out and about, people often ask me what I do or what my business is.  When I tell them Gutter-Vac, the majority of people quickly work out that our company vacuum cleans gutters, but more often than not, most assume that we do this just for residential houses. Now, we love our residential […]

It’s almost Easter time!

 I know it seems a touch weird that I’m letting you know that it is almost Easter time and you are probably wondering what on earth would Easter have to do with gutter cleaning, but in our business, Easter is a very busy time of the year! Easter brings with it the end of the […]

Did you know . . . We clean chimneys?

Make sure your chimney is free and clear this winter. Although Australia is a land known for its beaches and sunshine, we do have climates where a good wood burning fire makes all the difference in those winter months.  Providing warmth is important, but just as important is to have a clear chimney and flue […]

What we find in gutters!

If you asked the average person what they think we find in gutters, they would probably answer leaves!  In most cases, you’d absolutely be corrected.  But when the Gutter-Vac franchisees are out and about cleaning gutters, you’d be amazed at some of the stuff we find in gutters and it isn’t just your standard leaves, […]

Driving the miles . . .

In business, sometimes you have to do what is termed ‘driving the miles’.  This basically means that you have to take the journey, no matter how long it is or how far, to reach the destination you desire. In 2016, we saw many franchisees ‘drive the miles’ in their business to new levels of success, […]