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Top Franchise 2017

#2 Franchise !

I’m very proud to announce that Gutter-Vac has just been awarded the #2 position in Overall Franchise Category in the awards. When I began Gutter-Vac 20 years ago, it was because I hated having to clean gutters out by hand when I was running my plumbing business.  It is a dirty and time consuming […]

Gutter Cleaning for Pest Control

Gutter cleaning is essential for pest control. Rotting gutter debris provides a perfect breeding environment for mice, snakes, spiders, cockroaches, beetles and mosquitoes – all of which spread disease. Some of the problems and diseases associated with these vermin include salmonella, staphylococcus, streptococcus, polio, allergies and encephalitis. Many property owners spray in and around their […]

Free Report and Evaluation

Gutter-Vac technicians provide a free photo analysis, gutter report and preventative maintenance plan with every standard gutter cleaning service. The Gutter-Vac roof report and preventative maintenance plan are useful tools to help you stay abreast of gutter issues and help prevent costly repairs. Because you can’t get up on your roof to see the results of […]

Water Tank Contamination

Cleaning your gutters will reduce the amount of debris entering your water tank. Without clean gutters, all the water-born debris from your gutters will flow straight into your rainwater tank and contaminate your water supply. In addition to cleaning your gutters to reduce water tank contamination, Gutter-Vac can also provide water tank cleaning services. For […]

Waterway Pollution Reduction

Gutter cleaning reduces the volume of chemicals entering our waterways. Rotting gutter debris is extremely high in nutrients that pollute rivers, lakes and oceans. Nutrient pollutants in storm water are having a disastrous impact on all aquatic life, not only harming fish, plants and wildlife, but reducing the water quality for humans. You can do […]

Fire Risk Reduction

Removing gutter debris reduces the risk of spreading fire. Fire departments recommend property owners regularly clean their gutters to reduce the risk of spreading fire. During a fire, embers from burning bushland become airborne and are carried away by the hot wind, landing miles away. In a wildfire, it is the embers that typically cause more […]

Water Damage Prevention

Regular cleaning will keep rainwater from damaging your property. Gutters are designed so that the gutter is higher at the front than the back (for a tidier finish). As a result, when rainwater can’t drain from the gutters as intended, the rainwater will flow over the back of the gutters rather than the front. Blocked gutters […]