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When I am out and about, people often ask me what I do or what my business is.  When I tell them Gutter-Vac, the majority of people quickly work out that our company vacuum cleans gutters, but more often than not, most assume that we do this just for residential houses.

Now, we love our residential customers and they are what we built our business on. Helping someone ensure that their house is guarded from blocked and overflowing gutters, that can easily lead to water damage of their most precious asset, is something we pride ourselves on. We have been known to even clean out just a metre or two of gutter for a home owner as this is the only place that their gutters are affected.

What many people do not know is how big we can go.  We do work for many large property management companies, the defence forces, large national companies with properties situated all around the country, numerous numbers of city councils, universities, tafe colleges, schools, lifestyle villages, retirement homes, shopping centres and even some notable landmarks around the county.

Why do these commercial companies like to call on us when they need to maintain and clean their gutters?  The biggest reason – apart from the fact that we use a wet/dry vacuum system that is superior in its effectiveness and efficiency – is because all of our franchisees are FULLY safety trained to work at heights and insured to do this. 

In this day and age of increased legal action and red tape, commercial companies, government organisations, can not afford to allow the wrong people onto their sites.  If they are not fully trained, qualified and insured, then the risk is just too high.  With the backing of a national brand, leaders in the industry, plus our focus on customer service, these organisations trust Gutter-Vac to not only clean their gutters, but to do it in a safe manner working to all of their site regulations and policies.

When I started Gutter-Vac 20 years ago, I would never have dreamed that we would be working with the companies and government organisations that we do each and every day now.  I am proud that we can help them get this maintenance task done in a way that it is a not a worry or concern in their busy days.

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