Meet Rob from Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie

We recently caught up with Rob McCabe from Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie and had a chat. Rob joined Gutter-Vac back in 2015 after working in the mines for over 25 years. Get an insight into an average day in Rob’s life as a Gutter-Vac franchisee, and learn why gutter cleaning is important in the Port Macquarie region.

Where does Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie service?

Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie services between South West Rocks and Hawks Nest.

What services does Gutter-Vac Port Macquarie provide?

We provide gutter cleaning, solar panel cleaning, chimney cleaning, ceiling cavity cleaning, pressure cleaning, tank cleaning and window cleaning. Basically, anything and everything.

Why is gutter cleaning important?

Living in a bush fire prone area, having your gutters cleaned can assist in the prevention of fires. It can reduce damage to your gutters, ceilings and walls. It also provides cleaner drinking water.

What does an average day as a Gutter-Vac franchisee look like for you?

Out of bed at 5am, on the road by 6am, on site at the first job at 7.30am, and depending on Leah’s shifts at the hospital, home by 5-6pm if she is off, or 3pm if she is working to get Brin, my daughter to Dance and Eth, my son, to boxing Mon – Fri. Then, clean the trailer ready for the next day in between all of this. Then get dinner, showers and bed sorted. Usually in bed by 11pm. No rest for the wicked.

What did you do before you bought your Gutter-Vac franchise? Why the change?

I was a quarry manager for 15+ years; in my last role in Newcastle, we produced and sold 1.2 million tonnes of rock per year, 60% of that went to our seven concrete plants in Sydney. The job was stressful but very rewarding. I worked with some great people. I have been in the industry since I was 22, playing with big toys in a big sand pit, almost as good a just as the job I have now.

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