International Franchising Association Convention

It is just a week away until I’m off to Las Vegas, USA to attend the annual International Franchising Convention.

To go to the effort of making the trip from Australia to the USA is not a small one.  Is it convenient to leave my business for a couple of weeks? Generally not.  So why is that I go?  Because the benefit always outweigh the hassles of attending.

I go because I learn the best practices for franchises.  I meet with other franchisors and learn invaluable tips and hints – not just for me, but also for our franchisees to grow better, stronger and more profitable businesses.  In particular I love the round table sessions where you get to ask experts questions directly and learn from other franchisors.

Being a franchisor is a big responsibility and a fact that I never forget.  When an individual or a couple invest in a franchise with Gutter-Vac, we are providing more than a business.  A franchisee is running a small business and profit is not just a number that you find on a profit and loss statement.  Profit is their mortgage, their kids’ school feels, putting food on the table, their holidays and life.  As a franchisor, it is so important to remember that when someone invests in a franchise business with you, that you are in a position to change that person’s life . . . and of course, I want that to be a change for the better.

I’ve been in this franchising game for 20 years and I believe that it is important to remember that what I do doesn’t just impact me and my family, it can also impact more than 60 people and their families, so potentially a decision I make today can impact a few hundred people.  That’s why I make the effort to stay at the cutting edge of what’s happening in franchising and how I can help and add even more value to our franchisees.

So whilst many people might think from an outside perspective that a franchisor is flying around the world for the fun of it, I take it far more seriously, knowing that even just one idea from a convention in the USA could help and make the businesses and lives of our franchisees better.

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