Removing gutter debris reduces the risk of spreading fire. Fire departments recommend property owners regularly clean their gutters to reduce the risk of spreading fire.

During a fire, embers from burning bushland become airborne and are carried away by the hot wind, landing miles away. In a wildfire, it is the embers that typically cause more home fires than flames from the initial blaze.

Gutter cleaning can reduce the fire risks at your property. When your gutters are full of leaves, the wind will blow them over the back of the gutters and into the ceiling of your home.  Leaves in this area are a genuine fire hazard.

In Australia, fire prevention is a big issue and we have seen many out of control bushfires take hold of many homes.  Don’t let yours be one of them.  Whether you are in a bushfire prone area or not, it is better to be safe than sorry and make sure your gutters are cleaned to reduce the risk of a devastating fire that takes your home.

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