Commercial building gutter cleaning

In most commercial properties, they are shared property.  They have shared roofs, guttering and storm water systems.  The problem is that if there is a part of this property, say like a unit development, and there is a block in the gutters and they are overflowing, it will probably impact on other units or other buildings in that same complex.  It is very important that the whole complex is kept clean so that no one else has to suffer the overflow or flooding problems caused from somewhere else on the property.

The other reason why they’d want to ensure they have regular gutter cleaning is that the replacement or repair costs can be just staggering.  In some of the properties, to get the gutters replaced on a three storey building can be just extraordinary.  (Watch a video on why you need to have your gutters cleaned.)

So our Gutter-Vac guys can clean the gutters, but they are also trained in the new safety equipment.  They have all the right harnesses, ropes and anchors.  They have completed fully accredited national courses.  They give all of their clients’ piece of mind because firstly what they are doing is safe and secondly, it is effective.

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