It looks like we are shaping up for a very hot summer this year and with that, the droughts throughout the country, it is not the best combination for anyone.

We have already seen massive fires in South-West WA and in Adelaide this year and I have a feeling this will not be the last we see of bushfires.

It only takes one ember to start a fire that can destroy your home.  That leafy debris that is now dry in your gutters poses a real danger during a bushfire.  The bushfire doesn’t even need to be close as live embers can travel quite some distance to ignite dry debris.

Don’t take the chance this year, give your local Gutter-Vac man a call and get your gutters cleaned in preparation for the summer.  We really don’t want to see you lose your home.  We REALLY don’t want to see anyone lose their life from something as easy as having your gutters cleaned.

Take care this summer.

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