Annual Gutter-Vac Conference

It’s that time of year when our franchisees have come together for our Annual Conference.  We started on Thursday night with a small welcome session, with full day sessions on the Friday and Saturday – both full days of learning and sharing.  We always end conference on Saturday night with our Annual Awards Gala Dinner where we celebrate the successful year of our franchisees.

We find that our franchisees love to have a yarn and share stories of trees found in gutters, but also their best practices, people they have helped and ways they have done things.  As a franchisor, it is always exciting to me that we have such a great group of franchisees that genuinely want to see each other do well and are happy to share their secrets of success with each other.

The two days were lined up with some great topics to discuss plus we also took everyone through some new aspects of working safely on the roof and upgrading their safety training – which is a big plus of the service we can provide to our customers.  We take safety very seriously.

Now don’t worry, there is always some fun at the conference and we had a great team building activity as well as a special guest for the Saturday Awards Gala Dinner.

I really enjoyed the days of learning and sharing.  I personally really like just seeing all the franchisees in person and seeing that they are really loving their own Gutter-Vac business and catching up on what they have been achieving in business and in their lives.

Can’t wait to share with you the highlights of our 2015 Conference over the coming weeks.

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