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Meet Lyn and Llew from Gutter-Vac Townsville

Meet Lyn and Llew, from Gutter-Vac Townsville. They only joined Gutter-Vac this year, but have certainly made a splash cleaning gutters in and around Townville, getting great reviews and making a name for themselves as gutter cleaning specialists.


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Did you know... We take before & after photos?

Why do we take before & after photos?


Why getting your gutters cleaned is so important!

Over time, your gutters will collect all sorts of debris in them.  It is not just leaves that will clog your gutters, but also dust, dirt, seeds (which often lead to all sorts of gutter growth!) and even items such as bolts, nails or even


“Top scoring Gutter-Vac gives franchisees a step up with lenders”.

With finance a challenge for many small business operators, including franchises, Gutter-Vac recently submitted itself to a rigorous examination and report of its operations by l


Did you know . . . We complete a roof and gutter report?

Have peace of mind! 


Gutter-Vac Conference 2017

Earlier this month, we held our annual conference at the Pullman King George Hotel here in Brisbane. It was a wonderful weekend and a great time was had by all.


Don’t wait until all the leaves have fallen!

At this time of year, many trees are dropping their leaves and they end up in the gutters of our customers.  Many people believe that they are ‘saving’ money to wait until the very last leaf has fallen before calling us in to clean their gutters before winter begins.  The pro


Did you know . . . We clean solar panels?

Increase the efficiency of your solar panels with regular cleaning. 

We can clean them using a soft brush vacuum or demineralized water to protect your panels whilst getting the optimal cleaning result. 


No job too big or too small!

When I am out and about, people often ask me what I do or what my business is.